You know there is something greater than you.

You know there’s a home waiting for you in the uncharted territory of the great mystery that is within you, timeless and wise, pulsing with possibility and aliveness.

You’re surrounded by family, friends, and coworkers, and seem to be “doing okay,” but you feel like something is missing.

Some days you have more online interactions than human interactions, and you hunger for more time, more ease, and more grace-filled beauty in your life.

You feel called to be bigger and bolder in some way.

You want a sense of connection to your spirit to ground you and give your life more purpose and value.

Origins will spark this connection with 10 lessons that draw from the wisdom of earth-based mother cultures. Through daily reading, exercises, and audio meditations, you will create a tangible relationship with the more than human world that will guide and inform your daily life.

Imagine this…

You live free of negative limiting beliefs.
You let go of fear and the need for certainty.
You walk in beauty every day, open to the magic that surrounds you.
You live like nature, allowing life to flow through you, as you surrender to your stillness and peace.
You see the world as your oracle and find the perfect guidance every day.
You use your vulnerability as your greatest ally through which you come home to your tribe.
You greet every loss with your gratitude as you grow even more spiritual intelligence.
You are profoundly connected to a sense of place, and live every moment like a good ancestor.

In this homestudy program, you will learn…

to create a tangible connection to the more than human world
to receive visionary experiences that can guide and inform your life
to incorporate ten spiritual principles into your daily practices
to deepen your unique relationship to the sacred whatever your beliefs may be

How the Program Works

You will receive a beautiful e-book organized into 10 daily lessons. Each day, you will explore the spiritual principles, attitudes, and actions of living from earth-based mother culture intelligence. Think of this time as a spirited scavenger hunt in which you will use the sensibilities we teach as a guide to find lost pieces of yourself and reassemble them to create a new wholeness inside of you. Each day you will experience a written teaching in the form of a short essay, an MP3 recording, and action prompts to take in the world.

The essays will assist you in seeing and experiencing the world from your authentic nature, and shouldn’t take you more than 8 – 10 minutes to read.

MP3 recordings (4 – 6 minutes in length) of Robert’s spoken word meditations in English and Tiwa, chants, and music will bring you into the sensory experience of the essay for that particular day.

Action Prompts we call “find your sacred” are designed so that you can weave the activity into your already existing schedule and responsibilities. All you need to complete them is your willingness.

Origins is a 10-day ceremony in which you are making what was once invisible, visible.

You can complete the course in 10 consecutive days or study at your own pace.

Who Are We?

There is something inside you that is greater than statistical probabilities, your culture, skin color, how much money you make, or what you’ve accomplished.

You struggle to identify that point of origin in a Western culture of rugged individualism, competition, and comparison where big houses, cars, ambitions, and attitudes cannot hide the spiritual bankruptcy of a world that has lost its rootedness in the spiritual soil that could grow us into our true magnificence as people.

We were called to create this program so you can find that spiritual soil.

Through our experiences as a young intercultural, interspiritual, and interracial couple in the Taos Pueblo, we were initiated through our marriage and divorce into our individual indigenous souls, and discovered our points of origin as beings beyond culture or religion.

We each provide opportunities for this discovery and remembering your true spiritual shape in a world that has lost its sense of enchantment.

As as a counselor and educator, Anne works across cultures with communities and individuals to heal the wounds of personal trauma and cultural oppression. She tends to the soul of the world by assisting others to find a source of renewal, liberation, and faith in the presence of adversity and loss.

As an artist, Robert transforms the moments of our modern day into a mystical landscape of a timeless presence, invokes the past into our now, and restores the loneliness inside each one of us. Haunting ancient chants, tribal beats, and dance transport us into an indigenous mythos where spirit comes alive inside of us again. Robert’s artistry helps us to remember who we truly are.

Anne DavinAbout Anne

Anne is a licensed psychotherapist and executive leadership coach who grew up in the wheat fields of southeast Washington state, and has traveled extensively living among the people of the fourth world, serving Indochinese Cultural Refugees and creating mental health programs within Indian Country here in the U.S. She received a Doctorate in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she also taught as adjunct faculty. For nearly two decades, Anne directed the nation’s largest comprehensive systems change project for the California State Department of Education. She also served as the Director of Alcohol and other Drug Studies program for the University of California, Santa Barbara Extension. Within her clinical work, Anne specializes in the treatment of post-traumatic stress and addictive disorders in women. Anne lives in Marin County, California and Central Oregon where she maintains a private counseling and coaching practice for local and international clients.

Robert MirabalAbout Robert

Two-time GRAMMY Award winner, Robert Mirabal, lives with his family at the foot of the sacred Taos Mountain in northern New Mexico. Maintaining a traditional life, keeping the centuries-old customs of the Taos Pueblo people, Robert has been described as a Native American “Renaissance man” – musician, composer, painter, master craftsman, poet, actor, screenwriter, horseman and farmer – and he travels extensively playing his music all over the world. His dozen albums of traditional music, rock and roll, and spoken word present a contemporary view of American Indian life that is unequaled. His 2002 breakthrough PBS Special, Music From a Painted Cave, is unsurpassed in Native American theatrical expression. As a theatrical performer, Robert is no stranger to transforming himself. He portrayed Tony Lujan (Taos Pueblo), the famed husband of Mabel Dodge Lujan, in the movie Georgia O’Keeffe, a retrospective about artist Georgia O’Keeffe starring three-time Academy Award nominee, Joan Allen. In August of 2012, Robert premiered Po’Pay Speaks, his one-man show in Sante Fe about the leader of the Pueblo Revolt (1680) that is now touring internationally.

Origins is an invitation to participate in a regenesis of society.


“There is something else that is trying to come through – that lure of becoming – and it does come from the realm of spirit, it does come from the quantum universe, it does come from the great spark that is the threshold of time and history trying to emerge and electrify us.” –Jean Houston

Our daily themes will include:

Day 1: Vision – see with new eyes
Day 2: Corn Maiden – step into the spell of the sensuous
Day 3: Power Bundle – connect to universal energies
Day 4: Village – find your community
Day 5: Spirit House – meet your invisible soul
Day 6: Ritual – make some magic
Day 7: Ancestors – access the infinite
Day 8: Shaman Tales – change your reality
Day 9: Singing Wire – live in your quantum self
Day 10: Blessings – make every moment a ceremony

This e-book homestudy is not for you if:

+ You want to learn spiritual practices from specific indigenous cultures like Robert’s.

+ You feel you are the victim of other people and circumstances.

+ You think the imagination is an unreliable source of information or wisdom.

+ You are not open to exploring new spiritual paths or practices.

This e-book homestudy is for you if:

+ You’ve experienced a personal crisis like divorce, a loss of a loved one or a job, or have a health issue and desire to connect with your spiritual guidance and intelligence.

+ Strange mystical things you can’t explain rationally have been happening to and around you.

+ You consider yourself a spiritual person, yet don’t really feel a part of any one practice.

+ You are suffering from fear, anxiety, or depression, and you’re craving relief on a soul level.

+ You’d love to learn tools for how to connect with the more than human world.

+ You enjoy meditations, story, and original music to deepen the discovery and change process within you.

Everything begins and ends with you.

By practicing the spiritual principles of the deep feminine, a sense of place, magic, and connection is reawakened in you.

You can have access to a sense of the sacred and a spiritual inheritance that grounds your life and gives it direction and value.

You can take your true shape and by doing so, keep the world’s diversity of possibility alive.

You are tethered to a larger life force.

Origins takes you there.

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Photo by Feans