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Tending Soul Injury

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Do you find yourself turning inwards this time of year? I do.

Something in me begins to quiet and feel the fragile nature of life. It’s a time of reflection as autumn turns to winter and the earth sleeps. Read More

How Natures Teaches Us to Live

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When I get lost to the very real challenges of human life, I look to nature to teach me how to live.

As a depth psychologist, I see the world itself as ensouled, inclusive of the cosmos, the natural world, and the unseen forces beyond what is readily visible. The pervasive symptoms of dis-ease – depression, anxiety, and addictions – are an invitation to deeper inquiry and a re-membering of yourself to who you really are. When you find the courage to look closely and inhabit your whole self, meaning, joy, and coming home to your highest purpose become abundantly available.
Read More

Join Us for Origins

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As many of you know, one of my dearest friends and former husband, Robert Mirabal, is a two-time Grammy award winning musician and artist from the Taos Pueblo who presents a contemporary view of American Indian life in his work.

Robert and I are co-leading our second annual e-course, Origins: A 10 Day Journey to the Lost Sacred Within You. We feel called to combine our gifts for music and psychology to create the antidote to the Western culture of rugged individualism, competition, and comparison that breeds loneliness and a disconnection from the sacred. Read More

Olympos, Alchemy & Your Gold Medal

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Like many of you, I have been glued to the television these past few weeks watching the Olympics in Rio. The pageantry, beauty, and exquisite performances from the world’s top athletes infuses more than ego-driven competition into the air. A mysterious recognition emerges when our collective consciousness inhabits this ancient tradition. Some part of you is called to remember and transform itself into something greater. Read More

Are You Having a Spiritual Emergence?

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More and more individuals living in the modern world are showing up in doctors’ and counselors’ offices describing a cluster of symptoms that sound a lot like anxiety, bi-polar disorder, or even psychosis. However, a closer look may reveal something else is going on: a spiritual emergence. Read More

The Quantum Field & Feminism

By | Imagine & Create

There has been significant debate lately in the media about what Feminism is and isn’t, and who claims to be a Feminist and why. The old school misogynists fear “women are taking over the world” while conscientious men like Canada’s Prime Minister teach how Feminism benefits all of humanity, not just us girls. Read More

The Necessity of Boundaries

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If you ever hear yourself saying “no one respects my boundary,” take a second look at how you may not be respecting yourself, and do the work to heal from the inside out. What you experience outside of yourself is a direct reflection of your inner conditions. Read More

It’s a New Year: Step Into a New You

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I’ve been listening to the soul of woman my entire career, from working the front lines of rape crisis and battered women’s shelters to counseling housewives, best-selling authors, and movie stars, to providing executive coaching to elected officials and business owners.

SHE is who I serve in all of her manifestations across cultures, socioeconomic status, age, and sexual identity. Read More

Tending Trauma

By | Imagine & Create

Terrorist attacks in Paris, the flight of Middle Eastern refugees, racial and gender violence, ongoing ethnic cleansing: this list is too long. These violent and destructive collective realities are pulsing through our nervous systems directly and indirectly. No one is immune if they are breathing. Read More

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