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November 2015

Color Your Way to Health

By Discovery

I’ve been doing a lot more art this year. I like to sketch and color. Recent studies looking at the effect of art on mental health show that letting your inner child make art like picking up a crayon and coloring can help fight negative thoughts, improve focus, soothe traumatic stress in the nervous system, and even aid in the fight against cancer. Coloring books are not just for kids anymore. Consider taking a “time out” from the holiday hysteria and let yourself play.

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Tending Trauma

By Imagine & Create

Terrorist attacks in Paris, the flight of Middle Eastern refugees, racial and gender violence, ongoing ethnic cleansing: this list is too long. These violent and destructive collective realities are pulsing through our nervous systems directly and indirectly. No one is immune if they are breathing. Read More

Malcolm Gladwell on Tolerance

By Discovery

Our inability to engage meaningful dialog and deliberation is magnified in an election year. It requires revisiting what tolerance means, the restorative use of constructive criticism, and how changing one’s mind is an indication of expanding awareness. Read More

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