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January 2016

Are You in the Borderlands?

By Discovery

The borderlands is a place depth psychology defines as the space in between made visible by the borders of others. Living as an ex-patriot, working as a change agent or artist, and significant life changes will put you there. Read More

Women and Truth

By Discovery

In my late teens, one of the first lectures I attended at my university was Adrienne Rich. She inspired me with her words, “When a woman tells the truth, she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.” What truth will you stand for within yourself and in the world this year? Here are some powerful role models for all of us:


The Necessity of Boundaries

By Imagine & Create

If you ever hear yourself saying “no one respects my boundary,” take a second look at how you may not be respecting yourself, and do the work to heal from the inside out. What you experience outside of yourself is a direct reflection of your inner conditions. Read More

Lynn Andrews on Purpose

By Beauty Bath

As I am easing into another year, I was reminded by something Lynn Andrews said to me:

“By naming your act of power, you create force. Follow your innermost passions in life. Empower your will and your strength of force by manifesting your secret dreams. Be the arrow and choose your target of your act of power. Many of us at times, tend to live like a target in life waiting for the arrow to hit. Which are you at this point in time?” –Lynn Andrews
Read More

It’s a New Year: Step Into a New You

By Imagine & Create

I’ve been listening to the soul of woman my entire career, from working the front lines of rape crisis and battered women’s shelters to counseling housewives, best-selling authors, and movie stars, to providing executive coaching to elected officials and business owners.

SHE is who I serve in all of her manifestations across cultures, socioeconomic status, age, and sexual identity. Read More

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