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March 2016

Death Doulas

By Discovery

Life and death live side by side in mother cultures. Not so in the industrialized world. We do everything in our power to avoid death, both the mini-deaths of a life well-lived, like willingly letting go of old attitudes, and the larger deaths like that of our youthful appearance as we age. Read More

Desire Disasters

By Imagine & Create

Free Live Event with Danielle LaPorte

Join me on March 29, 2016 and the brilliant Danielle LaPorte, author of the Desire Map, in a FREE live one-hour Spreecast answering all of your questions about desires.

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Sunrise Ceremony

By Discovery

Imagine it. Ceremony at sunrise. You as the earth. The earth as you. No separation. Only co-creation. We moderns have a lot to learn about the power of ritual that activates what researchers now call the “spirit mind,” an access point that lights up all those parts of the brain we never use. Magic is intelligence we have yet to understand.
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