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Drawing from over 30 years as a psychotherapist and systems-change leader and work across cultures, Anne helps her clients push beyond the limits of outmoded patterns to access their highest power, impact and healing.

Anne offers tools and practices that draw from the collective wisdom of earth-based mother cultures, and somatic and Jungian principles. Anne’s approach includes dream analysis, myth and imagination, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, EMDR, and somatic psychotherapy techniques. Her work is focused on the unconscious and the cultivation of an inner wholeness, which creates a deeper connection with self, others and one’s deepest purpose.

Anne’s background in depth psychology is based on a view that the world itself is ensouled, inclusive of the cosmos, the natural world, and the unseen forces beyond what is readily visible. The pervasive symptoms of dis-ease – depression, anxiety, and addictions – are an invitation to deeper inquiry and a re-membering of ourselves to who we really are. When we find the courage to look closely and inhabit our whole self, meaning, joy and coming home to our highest purpose become abundantly available.

Photo by David Morrow