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Anne Davin

The Sacred Science

By Discovery

I found this documentary fascinating. It follows the experience of 8 Westerners with various degenerative diseases (diabetes, prostate cancer, alcoholism, depression, breast cancer, and Parkinson’s) into the Amazon to work with traditional healers. The film evokes questions about our Western assumptions surrounding health, healing, and death. Read More

What Sacred Service Looks Like

By Imagine & Create

There is great deal of talk lately about the astrological significance of Mars and Venus overhead in the summer stars, the balancing of the masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) energies, and leadership. What does it look like when a woman integrates these energies into a form of leadership that restores her and the world? It looks like sacred service. Read More

Cortisol and Happiness

By Discovery

Our moods and biology can be intimately related. I provide information about the stress response and its effects on one’s health and well-being in my counseling conversations with clients. Read More

How Much Pleasure Can You Tolerate?

By Imagine & Create

What does pleasure tolerance mean?

It means you can only tolerate a certain degree of pleasure. If you start to exceed this, you get anxious and will unconsciously sabotage yourself. The Australian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich described this as “Pleasure Anticipation Anxiety.” Read More

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