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Anne Davin

A Woman’s Desire, Her Aperture to the Holy

By Imagine & Create

In just a few weeks, I will be teaching the Heroine’s Journey, an ancient organizing framework offering a path through life’s greatest challenges and into your deepest offering as a feminine being. This course reimagines the hero’s journey through the lens of the feminine, and offers a radical new view of personal fulfillment, romantic love, and visionary leadership.

What moves a woman along her journey? Her desire. Read More

Women and Addiction

By Imagine & Create

There has long been debate in the psychology field about the root cause of addiction. Is it nature? Does an individual’s biology cause compulsive or addictive behavior? Or is it nurture, a process of social construction in which a person’s social environment teaches and then reinforces the compulsive or addictive behavior? Read More

Are you a Heroine?

By Imagine & Create

As a young graduate student, one of my professors was Joseph Campbell, a mythology scholar who articulated and popularized “the hero’s journey,” a series of transformative stages that leads to greater self-awareness and mastery. Read More

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