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Anne Davin

The Willpower Instinct

By Discovery

If you are deep into your new year’s goal right about now, you may want to check out Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal’s book The Willpower Instinct that explains the new science of self-control and how it can be harnessed to improve your health, happiness, and success. Read More

A Road Map to Wholeness

By Imagine & Create

Are you under pressure?

Has an unsettled feeling crept in?

Are you sitting on the edge of hopelessness?

We’re only a few days into the new year, and many of us already feel daunted by what feels like another long road ahead.

Read More

Appreciate the Little Things

By Discovery

It’s easy to feel that the things you want are always just ahead of you, not in your life now. And yet – you likely have and do things that your past self wished for. While gratitude practices are in vogue right now for a good reason – appreciating what you have has been proven to lead to a feeling of greater happiness – they also help you ENJOY the small, simple, sensual pleasures of everyday life by keeping your focus on what you have now rather than gazing ahead at what you don’t. Let this list inspire you towards appreciation of a tiny detail of your life today that brings you joy.

Tending Soul Injury

By Imagine & Create

Do you find yourself turning inwards this time of year? I do.

Something in me begins to quiet and feel the fragile nature of life. It’s a time of reflection as autumn turns to winter and the earth sleeps. Read More

Freed on Freedom

By Discovery

Can you feel the shifting sands deep within the interiority of your beingness as a woman? Today we stand as a world-wide community to end violence against women. Read More

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