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By Discovery

Feeling stuck is an inner condition. When you are stuck, you feel separate, somehow knocked out of the flow of life. You can’t seem to access your imagination and come up with creative solutions. A spiral of frustration and disillusion begins and negative emotional charge takes over. Consider hitting the mat. Yoga increases physical strength and flexibility and also reconnects you. Read More

How Natures Teaches Us to Live

By Imagine & Create

When I get lost to the very real challenges of human life, I look to nature to teach me how to live.

As a depth psychologist, I see the world itself as ensouled, inclusive of the cosmos, the natural world, and the unseen forces beyond what is readily visible. The pervasive symptoms of dis-ease – depression, anxiety, and addictions – are an invitation to deeper inquiry and a re-membering of yourself to who you really are. When you find the courage to look closely and inhabit your whole self, meaning, joy, and coming home to your highest purpose become abundantly available.
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Getting Started

By Discovery

Often, we feel paralyzed and overwhelmed because we have no idea where or how to begin. Getting started is usually the thing standing between us and forward motion. Marie Forleo recently shared this great video about what’s stopping you from getting started and how to fix it.

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