Beauty Bath

Freed on a Greater Force

By November 12, 2017

How enormous is the urge to be a greater force than all the horror in the world?

How compelling is it to be more bold than all the fears drummed into our heads?

What would it be like to say YES to the soft quiet warrior of love in our hearts and let everyone we know just how we worship them?

The bravest in us wants to tear down all the walls between us

The fiercest in us wants to live as if dying could not stop us

The protective in us wants to never pass by a lonely stranger again

Oh full fiery lunar light

Remove the shackles of our conditioned self doubt

Remove the barnacles of patriarchal shame on our bodies and our desires

Remove the illusion that violence as inevitable

Use me as a vessel for self acceptance

Fire me up as a conduit of Agape

Make me a messenger of your endless luminosity

Take me to the river of your limitless compassion

Remind us that we too are moonlight

Waiting to be scooped up into each other’s arms

–Jennifer Freed, PhD

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