Women and Addiction

By Discovery

When it comes to women’s mental health (and women’s health in general), the research is decades behind from the long-held assumption that women’s bodies function the same as men’s. Read More

Breathe to Relax

By Discovery

We’re becoming increasingly aware of how technology is damaging our emotional and physical health. One way to turn this around is to utilize apps to support your health and well-being instead of adding more stress to your life.

Mental health experts maintain that diaphragmatic breathing is a cornerstone of stress relief. The app Breathe2Relax guides you through the process with clear videos that help you practice and master the technique. Plug in your headphones and inhale/exhale your way through a dental appointment or turbulent flight. (The app can be used in airplane mode.)

The Limbic Brain

By Discovery

Research tells us that when we’re stressed, we function from the limbic brain that is focused on survival. It’s the older part of the brain that’s programmed to respond to the threat of a wild animal that wants to eat you or starvation because you can’t find food. Read More

Dating Up, Not Down

By Discovery

While dating can feel like an impossible chore sometimes, it’s possible to use it as a spiritual practice – a way of awakening your spirit rather than crushing it. Read More

Stop “Fixing” Yourself

By Discovery

Now that we’ve cleared January, the month of very well intended personal transformation, it’s time to consider relaxing into February with a new agenda – embracing practices that will lead you towards greater self-acceptance – the number one attitude that contributes to long term change. Read More

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