Are You in the Borderlands?

By January 25, 2016

The borderlands is a place depth psychology defines as the space in between made visible by the borders of others. Living as an ex-patriot, working as a change agent or artist, and significant life changes will put you there.

ephemeral elixirsWe’ve all been there. It’s the space in between who you were and who you are becoming. It’s a gap. The space that separates you from that old job you just quit and the new career you are architecting or the lover who just left and the promise of love that is racing towards you.

You can’t be certain of anything here. Unpredictability, lack of control, and often an overwhelming sense of being lost is the emotional landscape, but it doesn’t have to be.

I decided to take a trip into the borderlands in 2016. I am retiring my leadership role on a project that I have directed for nearly 18 years. It gave me a platform to serve hundreds of thousands of people (soul food to me), and it provided security, continuity, prestige, and influence – all the things that feed a healthy ego. I’ve thrown my ego and my bank account into my backpack and decided to go on walkabout into the deep mystery of what is next.

How do you navigate the borderlands?

The borderlands require you to live in your essence and use it as your compass. Your essence is the intuitive, irrational, sensing, subtle body that is tethered to a larger field of possibility than the one your will can manufacture. How? Do something several times a day that feeds your soul.

Decide that the universe has your back and look for evidence of this. Did a stranger open the door for you? Let you take the cab? Did a friend send you a loving email just because? Whatever you look for, you will see, so look for evidence and consciously choose to make life your cheerleader. This means you have to believe that you are not alone. This is what makes the journey intentional (walkabout) versus a clumsy meandering where you are more focused on your fear “that there is no next for you” as you trip over the sign that could save your life in the wide open spaces of possibility.

Tap into the intelligence of your imagination. Living in the borderlands is a call and response. You call with your desired filled longing and the universe responds. How? This conversation occurs in the liminal space of your imagination. Dig deep into your ancestral DNA that understands that conscious intelligence doesn’t just reside in the human brain. It is a field that expands from within you to the world outside of you. Your day and night visions, aha moments, random messages from the universe like that bumper sticker in front of you, chance encounters, and seemingly fated events are the signposts marking your path. Pay attention.

If you are in the borderlands right now, follow the brightest star.

Yours in psyche and spirit,


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