Shatter Your Glass Ceiling

By June 7, 2017

What does it mean to shatter your own inner glass ceiling and take new actions on the outer?

It means telling yourself a new story, about you to yourself and the world you inhabit. One of my mentors, Helene Shulman Lorenz, writes in her work Toward Psychologies of Liberation:

“In liminal space, one meets the unknown, the marginalized, the synchronistic, the other, the unconscious edge of one’s former narratives. At this point, the possibility to try out new narratives, to reframe one’s story, becomes critical. Through narratives of participation, the center of gravity shifts from fear and defensiveness to curiosity, creativity, and celebration. One begins to take a stand to validate one own’s effects and doubts while at the same time interrogating them. The effect of such a shift is that the area of questioning about the self, the world, and the use of narrative language begins to widen noticeably.”

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