feminosity-500You know that beneath the woman the world sees, there lives someone greater.

You sense that something bigger than you, timeless and wise,
is leading your life, but you don’t know how or why.

You hear your desires as messengers
from the uncharted territory within you.

You hunger for more time, ease,
and grace-filled beauty every day.

You feel called to be bigger and bolder in some way.

You long to express yourself fully, but don’t know how
after so many years of hiding parts of yourself.

You wonder if you will ever live as the woman you were born to be,
claiming the joy that is your birthright.

You want to feel fully connected to your sacred feminine
to give your life more purpose and value.

The Feminosity® Homestudy sparks this connection.

Through four 75-minute audio modules and weekly assigned rituals and homework, you will create a tangible relationship with the larger forces of your inner nature that will guide and inform your daily life.

This course is based on Anne’s signature work, The Heroine’s Journey. The hero’s journey is an ancient organizing framework that offers a path through life’s greatest challenges into our deepest offering as human beings. This course reimagines that journey through the lens of the feminine and offers a radical new view of personal fulfillment, romantic love, and visionary leadership, no matter what your current circumstances may be.

Imagine this…

You see true beauty and radiance when you look in the mirror.
You feel a strong sense of purpose in your work.
You are rooted in your intrinsic value as a woman, knowing your life has meaning simply because you are you.
You take risks in love, trusting that the person you seek is seeking you.
You get excited that the universe is conspiring on your behalf.
Your thoughts roam free of negative beliefs.
You feel comfortable with uncertainty (even joyful!) not knowing what the future holds.
You live like nature, allowing life to flow through you rather than swimming against the current.
Your vulnerability is your biggest ally through which you come home to your tribe.
You greet every loss with gratitude as you grow even more spiritual intelligence.

In the Feminosity® Homestudy, you will learn…

How to adopt the attitude that you are not a victim of a mean-spirited random act from a hostile universe. Rather, changes in your life mean that something greater than you or your circumstances is afoot.

How to set out on a quest for wholeness, learning how to turn every perceived loss (real or imagined) into an opportunity to dig deep and come back with even more of yourself.

How to use your desires as the interface between you and that which is greater than you. They are an aperture to your divinity, inviting you to a more expansive life than what you can imagine now.

How to meet pain as a portal that initiates you into a spiritually maturing woman.

How to become an alchemist of grief and gratitude to create acts of beauty and live your life as a moving prayer.

How to transform old negative ways of thinking to new attitudes and energies to create a new reality.

This program will help you transform disapproval of yourself, devastation from challenging life events, and feelings of isolation into approval, agreement, and acceptance of yourself and your life, no matter how far from your ideal vision it may seem.

How the Program Works

At your own pace, you will explore the five stages of the Heroine’s Journey, the five spiritual principles animated by each stage, her perspectives and sensibilities, and a series of action steps informed by earth-based mother-cultures to invoke the full restorative powers of the journey into yourself.

Module 1 – Origins: The Invisible Soul of Woman
In phase 1, we will conduct a thorough exploration into how the heroine differs from the hero and represents an emerging restorative force within you. We will also explore the importance of your erotic nature as the power source to grow the life of your dreams.

Module 2 – Pregnant with Stars: Desire and Darkness
In phase 2, we will explore how a desire puts you in the quantum field of magic and possibility, often mistaken as personal heartbreaks and devastation. We will identify the heroine’s misunderstood archetypal sister, the Handless Maiden (Wounded Woman) within you, and how to successfully navigate her throughout the journey.

Module 3 – Vulnerability: Courting the Numinous
In phases 3 and 4, you will learn how self-awareness connects you to the certainty you seek, how to hold onto yourself in the face of powerful emotions, and practical steps to resolve resistances that prevent you from truly receiving your wildest dreams.

Module 4 – Purpose: Acts of Beauty Made of Grit and Grace
In phase 5, the heroine leads with her light and liberates herself from the historical oppression of servitude to servant leadership transforming herself, others, and the world that she inhabits.

This program includes:

Four 75-minute audio course modules are downloadable transformational sessions with Anne that are designed to guide you step-by-step into each awakening stage of the Heroine’s Journey. Each module will include a guided meditation, exploration of one or more stages through story and mythology, and instructions for the weekly Step Into The Journey assignments.

Three 60-minute audio study sessions go deeper as Anne dialogues with women from all over the globe. Each study session serves as a reverse classroom where participants’ comments and observations lead the teaching.

Assigned Practices called Step into the Journey  will assist you in reawakening the deep mystery within you, and create a sensory experience of the weekly teachings. The assignments serve to weave theory into practice, transforming you from the victim of your circumstances into the heroine of your journey by co-creating with that invisible force behind all this visible life. These weekly guided practices can be downloaded in a beautiful course guide.

This course is for you if:

+ At a deep level, you struggle with self-hatred by attacking your body, ideas, and worthiness, a dialogue that prevents you from recognizing and expressing your greatest beauty and gifts.

+ You have been betrayed, hurt, and neglected in such a manner that a part of you does not trust and cannot move forward in your relationships.

+ You experience episodes of melancholy or depression.

+ You don’t feel you belong. You feel lost most of the time, alienated from yourself and from the world.

+ You may have feelings of anxiety about yourself or social situations. You feel a lack of confidence and experience self- consciousness in the presence of others.

+ You feel out of control with food, alcohol, money, sex, or working too much.

+ You’ve read every self-help book, but still your suffering continues.



Who am I?

Anne DavinAnne is a licensed psychotherapist and executive leadership coach who grew up in the wheat fields of southeast Washington state, and has traveled extensively, living among the people of the fourth world, serving Indochinese Cultural Refugees, and creating mental health programs within Indian Country here in the U.S. She received a Doctorate in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, where she also taught as adjunct faculty. For nearly two decades, Anne directed the nation’s largest comprehensive systems change project for the California State Department of Education. She also served as the Director of Alcohol and other Drug Studies program for the University of California, Santa Barbara Extension. Within her clinical work, Anne specializes in the treatment of post-traumatic stress and addictive disorders in women. Anne maintains a private counseling and coaching practice for local and international clients.


Feminosity re-awakens a sense of place, magic, and power in you.

You have access to a sense of the sacred that grounds your life
and gives it direction and value.

You do belong, tethered to a greater creative life force
and ephemeral essence as a woman.

Feminosity takes you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.

What is the deadline for purchasing the course?
The course is available for purchase April 16–26, 2019

How long do I have access to the course?
Once you purchase the program you will be provided access to a password protected course page where all the materials are organized and made available to you for download. You will have 90 days to download the course before July 26, 2019 and have it to enjoy forever!

Is the course refundable?
We are unable to offer refunds, so please purchase wisely. If you have questions about the course to help you determine if it’s for you or not, please reach out to us before buying at info@annedavin.com.


Through curiosity and imagination, a story of loss turns into a story of reclamation.

*Feminosity® is a trademark of Anne Davin PhD.