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Are You Choosing Stillness?

By February 22, 2016

Stillness is an awakening within.

The self is no longer engaged in defending, protecting, controlling or manipulation to save itself from real or perceived harm.

black-elixirsStress dissipates.
Reacting ceases.
Indwelling deepens.
Outward initiation turns to active presence.
Intense emotion to inner ground.
A chattering worrisome mind settles.

You are no longer you, separate, willing, and striving to survive. Instead, you become the lucid dreamer observing it all and your place in it. The witnessing self expanding into an invisible force of unity consciousness. The Neo-cortex, the spirit mind, is activated sending signals to all the self-repair mechanisms in the body. You have literally entered a restorative state.

How do you get there and stay there in a modern world of doing over being, an action-oriented never enough time life, that forces your soul to flee the daily barrage of empty consumerism?

Stillness is a choice.

When a co-worker or neighbor disrespects you, ask your stillness what really matters. Getting even or digging deep into your self-worth and resisting negative drama?

Has one glass of wine per night turned into the whole bottle? Self-medicating is a shortcut to stillness. Recognize your intention as essentially correct and change your method. Go direct. Consume an organized spiritual practice like the 12 steps, yoga, or Zen meditation. Stillness is generous. She doesn’t care how you find her just as long as you do.

Not enough time. Driven by urgency. Step back. Take a deep breath. Ask your stillness what action you can take right now towards it? Let go. Trust. Let god or goddess be the center of the universe, not you. Participate while resisting the impulse to dominate.

How will you find stillness today?

In psyche and spirit,


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