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Are You Hibernating or Stagnating?

By February 11, 2020

It’s midwinter, are you gathering energy or losing energy?

In other words, are you hibernating like the bears?

Hibernation is restorative. Think, repair. Just like the bears who stop moving in order to extend their lives. They are aligning with the forces of nature. Resting, burning less fuel, and staying warm until spring’s first rays of sun nourish and blossom a new world into being.

How are you restoring right now?

Never before have I watched all the Oscar films prior to the award ceremonies. This year I did. Getting lost in cinematic story and journeying to new points of view re-energizes me. I’ve also been cooking a new recipe every week, filling the house with the delicious smells of everything-free (gluten, sugar, dairy) entrees, snacks, and breads. A pull to turn inward and nourish my imagination and body has been very strong these past few months.

And, I am also experiencing a cross current that wants to steal my agency and oomph.


Midwinter can turn into the season of complacency.

Complacency is when you stop living in the direction of your aliveness and go unconscious instead. You leave the cycle of creation, your nature, and check out completely. Intrapsychic energy leaves you.

For many of us, New Year’s resolutions are a faint memory by now. Ambivalence and lethargy have taken over.

Somehow you are resigned to floating in self-hatred concerning those extra pounds, can’t remember why you thought starting a meditation practice was a good idea, or think you had enough time to enroll in a piano class. You’ve gone limp. How many times can you effort past your own internal resistance or the forces that work against you in the world? It’s all too exhausting. Overwhelming, really.

Add to that the daily threats that surround you. The Coronavirus. A presidential impeachment and acquittal. The Weinstein trial. Fires in Australia. Piles of dirty snow that block your driveway. Who doesn’t want to go hide in a cave?

Complacency is veiled complicity.

Are you complicit with your own oppression? Have you become satisfied with defeat? Feeling hopeless and helpless makes you vulnerable to self-betrayal, far too willing to give up and give in to a negative thought, an unsavory boss, or even withdrawal from greater responsibilities like calling your Senator on important local and national matters. Worse yet, you may actually feel a measure of protection and power here. Sidelining your presence in the place of all things. Removing yourself from the center and hiding in the peripheral. Not here, or there, or anywhere really.

The antidote? Beauty, imagination, and small acts of power.

If your life force is waning and complacency has taken over, start with this simple practice.

Reconnect to source energy. See beauty from where you sit right now. Close your eyes. Cue your mind to “see beauty” and open your eyes. Soften your gaze and let your vision come to rest on one spot. See the color, texture, shape, and subtle hues of light as you absorb the image. Let beauty become a current of grace that opens every cell of your breath and body. You are not separate; rather, you are part of this energy universe that requires your participation in its making.

Second, follow through on a commitment to yourself. Start small with a single act of power like drinking more water, walking in nature, asking for, and receiving a hug. Making daily acts of power locates you in the center of your universe and creates a restorative current. Soon you will find yourself gathering energy towards the spring of your renewal.

Let everything happen to you
Beauty and terror
Just keep going
No feeling is final

In psyche and spirit,




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