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Desire Disasters

By March 21, 2016

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In just a few days, the Feminosity course begins in which I will be teaching the Heroine’s Journey, an ancient organizing framework offering a path through life’s greatest challenges and into your deepest offering as a feminine being. This course re-imagines the hero’s journey through the lens of the feminine, and offers a radical new view of personal fulfillment, romantic love, and visionary leadership.

What moves a woman along her journey? Her desire.

When you ignite your life with the light of your desires, that inner glow becomes an outer force I call Feminosity.

What is a desire?

A desire is tethered to your deep soul’s purpose. When lived as a moving prayer, it can deepen your spirituality, initiating you into your wholeness, creativity, and power as a woman.

A desire is different than an impulse. An impulse comes from your dark side. Impulses are knee-jerk reactions that often come from fear or discomfort because you cannot tolerate a greater level of pleasure, fulfillment, intimacy, or stability.

A desire makes and remakes you through longing. By taking your pleasure from your longing, you open up the possibilities for greater aspects of your true desire, the one buried underneath what you are currently aware of, to surface. Sometimes your desire gets met right away. Other times, the larger appetites of your hungry soul take you on a journey to a destination you can’t even imagine in a time frame that is beyond the clock on the wall.

By staying relaxed and in the current of the desire’s “becoming,” you allow yourself to be remade by your longing, and do not miss the unexpected and unimagined outcomes that occur.

Easier said than done, though, right?

In today’s culture, the prevailing belief on desire follows that old Burger King slogan, “Have it your way.” We are taught to have what we want right now, and if we don’t get it, we get mad!

Enter the Desire Disaster.

When we focus on a desire’s fulfillment without taking pleasure in our longing for it, we can soon feel our life is not complete without it. This leads to feelings of scarcity, lack, disappointment, and desperation. A negative emotional spiral spins, leaving you feeling unhappy and neglected by your desire and often by the universe itself. This is why people overeat, drink, work too much, and buy more stuff to try and fill a pervasive sense of emptiness.

We can also become so wed to our vision of HOW the desire will be fulfilled that we disregard opportunities all around us for its fulfillment, because they don’t match your expectations. Nowhere is this clearer than in romance. How many times has a friend told you, “He/she’s not who I thought my ideal match was at all, but it turns out they are perfect for me!” The fulfillment of a desire is usually different (and far better!) than what we can imagine for ourselves.

Longing is a lost spiritual practice. It graduates from a practice to an art when you relax into it deeply enough to stand in your desire with bright faith while staying open and fully engaging with what’s happening in real time.

When you take pleasure in your longing, you are alive to the FEELING of your desire. Let the pictures of what it’s supposed to look like (your soulmate, car, job, baby, degree) serve as ephemeral depositories, lucid images, or containers for the swelling of emotion that cascades in and through you. A desire turns disastrous when you get fixated on the “picture” and step out of the current, the flow of the feeling, that connects you to that which is bigger that you.

Following that feeling is like following a treasure map – there are little clues along the way that affirm you are on track, and by aligning your actions with the experience of your desire, you are already living in its fulfillment, whether it unfolds the way you want it to or not.

This is how desire makes and remakes you – through the expansion of your beliefs, not only by living your longing and staying open to the unexpected opportunities and gifts of life, but through the blessing of seemingly unfulfilled desires (all those pictures you thought were IT).

What desire is remaking you today?

In psyche and spirit,


P.S. I’ll be talking more about desire disasters with Danielle LaPorte, the queen of everything desire-related, on March 29 in a one hour Spreecast on desires. We will be doing a Q&A, so bring all your questions on desire to the call, and get your Desire Disasters addressed.

P.S.S. When you ignite your life with the light of your desires, that inner glow becomes an outer force I call Feminosity. The Feminosity course is enrolling now. Find out more HERE.

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