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Enrollment Now Open for Feminosity

By February 28, 2016


We all want it.

However, any woman who has used a facial scrub knows that glow, like soul, cannot be bought.

black-elixirsBecause glow is a state of being. It’s an inside job. It can’t be scrubbed into appearance, nor will any diet or exercise regime conjure it into existence (though yes, drinking water helps).

Glow is a light in your eyes.

A freedom and grace in your movements.

Laughter like fresh spring water from a well.

An expanded sense of time, space, and energy.

Kind words like arrows from your heart into another.

I have a word for this kind of glow – the authentic, can’t-be-bought-at-Sephora kind:


Feminosity is the quality a woman acquires when she lives in her intuition and power in full partnership with the energy of the universe.

She lives a mythic life of fulfillment, and is awake to who she truly is, right here, right now.

Women all over the world are seeking lives of magic, light, and beauty. Our heroes are turning into heroines, and if you are a woman reading this email, YOU are counted among them.

The heroine (that’s you!) serves her dreams. The old ways of dealing with problems through self-sabotage, resistance, suffering, and angst fall away to new patterns of purpose, curiosity, understanding, and wholeness. Rather than swimming against the current, you relax into the feminine way of surrender and flow. This shift is what I call the Heroine’s Journey, which we will study in community through my newest course, Feminosity.

Feminosity is not just a set of ideas. It’s a repeatable framework I’ve developed from my years of research, work with women, and personal spiritual growth. While many people are speaking and writing about the divine feminine, I developed this framework as a way to embody it.

There are two levels of Feminosity – the Telecourse for complete foundational knowledge and exploration and the Intensive for a more intimate, personalized journey. By the end of either level of the course, you will have re-inhabited your spiritual skin, turning your light on and taking your shape in the world as a woman with Feminosity. Real deal glow, no substitutes.

Enrollment is now open. Click here to learn more and register.

Yours in psyche and spirit,





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