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Enrollment Now Open for the Feminosity Homestudy

By April 15, 2019

As we live through big questions of leadership in cultures all across the world, one thing is clear: women are continuing to rise.

We are needed to fulfill our potential so we can lead others, and we cannot wait any longer. Our greatness is required for these times, and as a woman alive today, you are a vital part of the rising feminine. Wherever you’ve been holding back in your life, whether in love or leadership, it’s time to step forward.

My goal is to support your rising and unfolding, and there’s no greater support system I’ve found to help women fulfill their potential than the Heroine’s Journey, a repeatable five stage process that turns your desires into your destiny.

Enter the Feminosity Homestudy Course.

Feminosity is the quality a woman acquires when she lives in full partnership with the energy of the universe, using her intuition and power as her guide. She lives a mythic life of fulfillment and is awake to who she truly is, right here, right now.

Women all over the world are seeking lives of magic, light, and beauty. Our heroes are turning into heroines, and if you are a woman reading this email, YOU are counted among them.

The heroine (that’s you!) serves her dreams. The old ways of dealing with problems through self-sabotage, resistance, suffering, and angst fall away to new patterns of purpose, curiosity, understanding, and wholeness. Rather than swimming against the current, you relax into the feminine way of surrender and flow. This shift is what I call the Heroine’s Journey, a repeatable framework I’ve developed from my years of research, work with women, and personal spiritual growth. While many people are speaking and writing about the divine feminine, I developed this framework as a way for you to embody it.

Through four 75-minute teleclasses and accompanying assignments and rituals, you’ll gain a complete foundational knowledge of the Heroine’s Journey framework and create a tangible relationship with the larger forces of your inner nature that will guide and inform your daily life. By the end of the course, you will be able to apply this framework to any challenge in life and transform it from a loss (perceived or real) into an opportunity for growth. You will re-inhabit your spiritual skin, turn your light on, and take your shape in the world as a woman with Feminosity, a woman who is fulfilling her potential rather than merely possessing it.

Enrollment is now open through April 26th. Click here to learn more and register.

Here is what past participants are saying:

“This work has been so powerful in preparing me for the big work I’m to do in this world. I now understand how I can tap into this vast storehouse of feminine power and how much it is needed at this time on our planet! I had cut myself off from my dreaming self for many years, and with it, the magic available to me. We are supported in ways beyond logic, and in the intuitive realm of the feminine is our power.” —Susan Cox

“I want to say thank you to Anne for this fabulous course. I am so glad to know I am part of a beautiful wave of awakening women, and I am committed to doing my part to anchor the rising feminine wisdom through how I choose to live my life.” —Jolina Karen

“I am loving this course. It is encouraging me to look deeply into areas of myself and my life that I have only touched on. I am seeing more and more the vital need for self-care. I know that I have a habit of putting myself last. I can see clearly how it’s only through self-care that I can break this habit.” —Josephine Lange

“Anne Davin, thank you for opening the door by creating this sacred space for us, and for being – modeling – a spiritually evolved, wise modern woman in servant leadership. I’m in awe! I feel blessed to be in the fold, carving out space for the sacred feminine in the world.” —Margaret Pixley

Please join me if you feel the call.

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