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Eros, the Olympics, & Initiation

By February 5, 2018

We have entered the month of love and the Winter Olympic Games.

Like you, I am seeing the annual reappearance of red velvet heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, Valentine’s Day cards, and “spa specials” littering the landscape of western consumerism. Alongside images of the Olympic rings symbolizing unity and relatedness across countries, cultures, and points of views. A moment in time when we suspend our differences and renew our love for our sweethearts and extend it to our international enemies and neighbors.

During these tumultuous and soul shattering times of cultural upheaval, love has wandered out from its narrowly defined spot in western romance novels and is taking shape as the leading force in moving the world forward.

The profound conflict and loss we see each day is paradoxically initiating us into emotionally and spiritually maturing humans. Cindy Wigglesworth, author of SQ21 says spiritual intelligence is the “ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.” That means spiritual intelligence isn’t born from silent contemplation. Rather, it lives in active engagement of your vulnerability, transparency, and risk-taking in the face of adversity and uncertainty. Times like these.

As we witness the Olympic athletes soar into history by bending the physics of what is humanly possible, we too must defy our own inner gravity and rise to greater self and collective awareness to inhabit a heart-centered humanity. The pageantry, beauty, and exquisite performances from the world’s top athletes infuses more than ego-driven competition into the air. A mysterious recognition emerges as we participate in this ancient tradition. Some part of you is called to remember and transform itself into something greater.

Societies that were organized by cycles of initiations have much to teach us about this. Initiations across cultures and time taught what Eros is, and how to use this force to put the world back together again. A man or woman wasn’t considered ready to marry until they understood what it was they were marrying. The holy other within themselves and their beloved, and their unique role in sustaining the world. Initiates learned to save the world by savoring the world.

We don’t fall in love because we know how to love, we fall in love to learn how to love.

As Martin Prechtel writes: “Initiated men and women do not chase what they desire, they marry what they follow and raise up with they love.” Love then is not narrowly defined as a romantic self-centered human experience; rather, it is a grand encounter with the Holy in all life.

There is a voice that doesn’t use words, listen. – Rumi

This is only possible when you move past the idea that love is something that is happening to you, past — love is happening through you, to finally — love is happening as you.

When love is happening as you, you are a part of the endless confluence of energetic and psychic connections of all living systems and matter. The spell of sensuous inhabits the core of your being.

To fall in love, is really to fall into an expansive and limitless space, where the edges of your reality are morphed and magical synchronicities tease you into a faith so deep you align with your notion of a god or goddesses will.

Love is taking us to the streets and moving the world forward.

When your view of love is broadened in this way, you step into the force of creation, sacred activism that seeks to feed the aliveness in the world. As Aurora Morales writes “love is subversive, undermining the propaganda of narrow self-interest, love emphasizes connection, responsibility and the joy we take in each other, therefore love is a danger to the status quo.”

What is required of you is to show up as an initiated woman?

Understand that your love is powered by the energies of the universe, a quantum current, that if used consciously, can architect a new world.


Lead from within. No matter what side of the political fence you are standing, a new emotional and spiritual intelligence is required. Hold hands with your enemy and speak to their vulnerability and humanity. Revolution is now involution.

No bystanders are allowed in the new world order. Using your voice to interrupt hatred, educate ignorance, and to always transmit understanding and compassion. Rebellion is now restorative responses.

Blow your mind frequently. Imagination and creativity are the highest forms of intelligence. All great innovations were someone’s “wild idea.” Dare to dream, tap into the unconscious to create something never before seen. Rational strategy is now social artistry. #Timesup

Yours in psyche and spirit,



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