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By August 31, 2016

As many of you know, one of my dearest friends and former husband, Robert Mirabal, is a two-time Grammy award winning musician and artist from the Taos Pueblo who presents a contemporary view of American Indian life in his work.

Robert and I are co-leading our second annual e-course, Origins: A 10 Day Journey to the Lost Sacred Within You. We feel called to combine our gifts for music and psychology to create the antidote to the Western culture of rugged individualism, competition, and comparison that breeds loneliness and a disconnection from the sacred.

SH1502_AnneDavin_Origins_Facebook_Profile_M1.0We realized that together, we can help you use the wisdom of earth-based mother cultures to reconnect with lost places in yourself, and feel grounded in your spiritual soil while also being tethered to a larger life force.

We encourage our course alumnae to join us again to reawaken and strengthen the 10 spiritual practices taught here.

Our 10-day e-course includes:

· short essays written by Anne to assist you in seeing and experiencing the world from your authentic nature

· MP3 recordings of Robert’s spoken word meditations in English and Tiwa, chants, and music will bring you into the sensory experience of the essay for each day

· action prompts we call Find Your Sacred to weave the course lessons into your existing schedule and responsibilities

· the Virtual Commons (a closed Facebook group) that serves as a house for our collective holy

Enrollment is now open. Click here to learn more and to register.


What previous course participants are saying:

What a blessing this course has been! Each morning of the 10 days was a little like Christmas, waiting to unwrap the gift of the day that arrived in my inbox and see what was contained within it. I savored the anticipation of what there would be to read and what magic would come through my headphones when I eagerly put them on. This was my favorite moment of the day. I feel like I’ve accessed new places within myself, along with revisiting some old familiar ones, as a result of participating in the Origins course. I feel refreshed and renewed, and know that my future is a blank slate in the best of ways. Thank you Anne and Robert!

Maureen Dunn Quinn, PhD

This course was not only an incredible divine gift to me, it was a miracle. I am left with a newness that I have been praying for. I am open to seeing my life as a spirit house. To live as an ancestor is a rich metaphor for me to have open eyes to every experience I encounter. It is no longer personal, belonging only to my family, for I feel connected to everyone. I feel an awareness I was open to but was not able to find, despite all the support and love from people who have been so helpful on my journey. I am now able to look and feel and act in new ways, a warmer perspective, a rebirth of what lies ahead, and the best part, an understanding how much I can bless the world and every single part of it.

Jo Coppola-Griffiths

This has been an amazing journey for me. I cried. I prayed. I laughed. I walked. I discovered and I took time to reflect. As I completed each assignment, I felt that my story was being rewritten. My journey continues and I will walk as a goddess and forgive those who thought my very existence was of no importance. I will walk in beauty. I feel blessed, and I thank Robert and Anne for this opportunity to be part of this wonderful group of brave people who shared their deepest feelings.

Beverly Rhodes Vargas

What a magnificent journey this has been. I am inspired and touched by the connections we have built, the spirit knowledge we have shared, and the beauty and gratitude within this container. I have marveled at the personal triumphs and tragedies among us – how each experience enhances our spiritual maturity. This course was like a super highway back to recognizing how integral I am to creating my story and the narratives of the world. I’m that powerful.


It is a joy to offer this course again, and I invite you to join us.

Yours in psyche and spirit,





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