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How Natures Teaches Us to Live

By April 22, 2017

When I get lost to the very real challenges of human life, I look to nature to teach me how to live.

As a depth psychologist, I see the world itself as ensouled, inclusive of the cosmos, the natural world, and the unseen forces beyond what is readily visible. The pervasive symptoms of dis-ease – depression, anxiety, and addictions – are an invitation to deeper inquiry and a re-membering of yourself to who you really are. When you find the courage to look closely and inhabit your whole self, meaning, joy, and coming home to your highest purpose become abundantly available.

Spring is upon us, and with it, I watch with wonder and awe the aliveness of the world take shape in the splashes of colors across fields of blossoming daffodils, tulips, irises, and daisies.

The snow has retreated to higher elevations here in the Pacific Northwest, where the cascade volcanic mountain range is now a white shimmering snow field eager to receive the warming rays of the sun like the touch of a lost lover.

My Morning Commute

Here is what nature continues to teach me:

Nature is confident. Rarely does a bee think, “Are my stripes the right size?”

Nature relaxes into change. Winter doesn’t get pissed off or descend into depression that Spring has arrived.

Nature does not fear death. In fact, death is central to its aliveness. Every moment is sacred, precious, and a fragile container reflecting back an immortal essence.

Nature assumes it will be remade and gives way. Its sense of self is tethered to the big story of life, trusting that whatever is passing away will lead to the next expression of itself in a new form.

Nature trusts its self-repair mechanisms. If the flow of water is blocked, it finds a new route. If fire has devastated an area, the wind carries pollen that fertilizes the soil, and a new forest springs up.

Nature operates in quantum time. There is no separation between past, present, or future. Time is one pregnant now that contains infinite potential.

Nature accepts its magnificence. It understands that it, like you, is made of vibrating frequencies of light, stardust, and matter, a hologram of the universe itself. There is no celebrity seeking behavior when it comes to nature. It doesn’t need a Facebook feed or Youtube channel to feel a sense of significance. It is radiance.

When I live like nature, I move from feeling separate – the experience of lack and loss – to feeling correlated, a part of, and connected to universal energies. That is when I feel a state of affluence and flow (and I’ll bet you do, too).

Living like nature doesn’t resolve the very real issues of our human world, like the current nuclear threat, healthcare reform, or the ongoing violence and oppression in our country.

However, it puts us in a much better position to seek resolution. If acceptance and trust works for the sun, moon, river, soil, and natural elements of the very world that we inhabit, then maybe we should pay more attention. When we do, our inner life and outer circumstances become more attuned to what we are really made of – an infinite essence that is here to serve life into being.

How will you live more like nature today?

In psyche and spirit,

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