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Put Yourself Out There

By May 7, 2019

Self Doubt: a lack of faith in oneself; a feeling of uncertainty in one’s thoughts, feelings, or actions. There isn’t a woman alive who hasn’t felt this way.

In a culture that is quick to tell a woman she is too much or too little, this social oppression becomes your opinion of yourself. With enough time and influence, self-doubt becomes a chronic condition. The poison you use against yourself that disconnects you from the truth of your perfection, the stardust that pulses in your DNA, and your rightful place in this vast aliveness we call life.

What to do? A radical act of pleasure. Bliss is the detoxifier, the magical elixir that activates your quantum nature, and the part of you that remembers you are more than the stories told about you or what you tell yourself. When you tune in and turn on by engaging in an activity that restores you from lost and alone to found and tethered to yourself, then confidence returns.

Ride your bike. Make a pie. Watch a sunset. Listen to your favorite song. Belly laugh with a good friend. Get lost in a poem. Light up the relaxation response in your body, and let your beauty unfurl first inside of you and then into the world. Dare to put yourself out there by turning on your inner light.


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