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A Road Map to Wholeness

By January 8, 2018

Are you under pressure?

Has an unsettled feeling crept in?

Are you sitting on the edge of hopelessness?

We’re only a few days into the new year, and many of us already feel daunted by what feels like another long road ahead.

As you point and click, our virtual village reveals daily injustices and human suffering in images, news cycles, and “trending headlines” that challenge each of us to become an agent of change — cultivating tremendous courage and confidence to re-shape your inner world while meeting the outer challenges of our changing society.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but building the new.


There is increased pressure on women to earn more, step into your life purpose, and to live the pure, radiant, and transformative light of what it means to be a feminine being. This propels women to strive and reach beyond the limitations of our mother’s marriages, jobs, habits, and even who we were told we could be two years ago.

A renewed movement to restore relevance and value to feminine ways of knowing and being includes intuition, imagination, sensuality, and the subtle body of emotions. Quantum physicists suggest these as marginalized superpowers that the world’s earth-based mother cultures have long understood as the pathways to live in alignment with ourselves and the world we inhabit. These sensibilities allow you to co-create your inner and outer reality with every thought, feeling, and action. You become the magician capable of conjuring a restorative tale that serves the sacred inside of you and the world.

The hunger for this emotional and spiritual intelligence is on the rise as we create new culture and shape our future.

That is why I help conscious aspiring women like you heal within so that you can live your highest power, impact, and purpose. The world requires you now more than ever.

I’ve been listening to the soul of woman my entire career, from working the front lines of rape crisis and battered women’s shelters to counseling housewives, best-selling authors, and movie stars, to providing executive coaching to elected officials and business owners.

SHE is who I serve in all of her manifestations across cultures, socioeconomic status, age, and sexual identity.


My coaching programs provide a road map, a restorative guide, that makes meaning out of your suffering.

You’re encouraged to take the attitude that you’re not the victim of a mean-spirited random act from a hostile universe.

Instead, you come to recognize that you are on a quest for wholeness – the integration of conscious and unconscious aspects of your psyche – and that every perceived loss (real or imagined) is an opportunity to dig deep and come back with even more of yourself.

Suffering is the voice of the unconscious that requires organizing systems in which the contents of the unconscious can be revealed, held, and integrated into your larger awareness.

Coaching with me provides this organizing system. Your old ways of thinking and being are replaced with new attitudes, understandings, and energies to create a daily feeling of wholeness and an activation of your feminine superpowers: intuition, imagination, sensuality, and the subtle body of emotions.

Women who work with me learn how to transform:

· fear into faith

· self-doubt into confidence

· struggle into ease

· feeling stuck into states of flow

· feeling a lack of time and money into space, affluence, and freedom

Through my work, I will teach you how to:

· shatter the glass ceilings within

· unleash your creativity and imagination

· tap into your deepest sources of spiritual intelligence as a feminine being

· stand up and be noticed, adorned in your beauty and grace

· create an act of power in the world that will positively influence others and give you the income you desire

In 2018, women desiring my coaching services can choose between two programs:

In-Depth Transformational Coaching

A six-month individual coaching program that begins when you’re ready to take the shape of your soul — when you’re ready for your external life to align with your inner landscape. This program helps you make significant changes by providing consistent reinforcement over consecutive months to anchor new ways of being. The program includes: a 2-hour initial session that is recorded, three 60-minute sessions per month, individualized homework, and email access to me for spot coaching in between sessions.

Prism: Shadow to Light

A 2-day high impact personalized coaching intensive. These weekends are designed to deliver deep and intense healing that may result in a quantum shift from a life that is too small, too painful, and too limiting into a life designed by your highest quantum self. I utilize tools and practices that draw upon the collective wisdom of earth-based mother cultures, neo-shamanism, oracular knowing, somatic therapy, and Jungian principles in a full spectrum approach that taps into the unconscious and your unexpressed brilliance. The program includes: a pre-call to set intentions for the immersion experience, 2 VIP Days with me, and a post call to integrate.

You may choose between two locations for your intensive: the luxurious Cavello Point Resort & Spa in San Francisco or the remote wilderness beauty of a House on the Metolius in Sisters, Oregon. The course includes a private car to pick up and return you to the airport and two nights’ accommodation.

Speak with me directly to explore how my coaching services can support you in the new year at [email protected] to schedule an introductory conversation.

Yours in psyche and spirit,



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