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See Beauty

By April 2, 2018

Receiving occurs when we “feel” an encounter with an act of beauty that opens us to greater degrees of interconnectivity with life through sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Start by receiving right now, this instant wherever you are. Close your eyes and repeat this phrase: See Beauty. Open your eyes and repeat the phrase. Soften your gaze, and rest your eyes on one image. Take it in. See the beauty that is here right now. Breathe it into every cell of your body. Continue the exercise for however long it takes to fill you up. Make this a daily practice.

Increase this skill by taking beauty baths. Witness a sunset from start to finish. Sit in stillness or movement to absorb your favorite piece of music. Read out loud a poem that opens you to rapture. Gaze upon a painting or piece of art that transports you. Ride the wave of a child’s laughter into the deep heart of what is holy in you. You know what turns you on and tunes you in. Go there often.

Focus on love. Did your office mate put a box of pens on your desk that she thought you could use? Not your brand? Where will you focus – on the disappointment that she gave you the wrong brand or the love behind her action? Go for the love behind her action and see the beauty – not just in your head. Feel it in your body.

What beauty do you see in your world today?


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