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Solstice, Stillness, and the Sacred

By December 20, 2017

Are you feeling alone?

This time of year can trigger feelings of loneliness as winter cloaks you in darker days, colder nights, and a holiday season that illuminates the distance between your heart’s deepest desires and the life you’re actually living.

We are entering the Winter Solstice when the tilt of the Earth’s semi-axis is furthest away from the Sun, creating the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin solstitium, meaning “point at which the sun stands still.”

If you’re like most women, somewhere inside your spiritual DNA is an ancestral memory, a consciousness that still feels the significance of this mark in celestial time even in a modern world. Why?

The line between your inner nature and the outer natural world is thin.

Once upon a time, our ancestors organized their entire society as one more expression of the natural world. They moved with the buffalo, foraged in valleys as food became harvestable, and adapted to the conditions and changing shapes just like the plants, trees, and animals that inhabited the earth with us. Time was marked on a quantum clock, whose hands were the movements of stars and planets, cycles of light and darkness on the earth, and the changing of the seasons.

In Winter, the earth quiets and falls asleep and dreams a new world into being that we call Spring. Winter is an invitation to a restorative stillness that can be mistaken as loneliness when you hold onto the past or grieve what has yet to be, instead of letting go into the mystery of the yet to be revealed.

Stillness is an awakening within.

The self is no longer engaged in defending, protecting, controlling, or manipulation to save itself from real or perceived harm.

Stress dissipates.

Reacting ceases.

Indwelling deepens.

Outward initiation turns to active presence.

Intense emotion to inner ground.

A chattering, worrisome mind settles.

You are no longer you, separate, willing, and striving to survive. Instead, you become the lucid dreamer observing it all and your place in it. The witnessing self expanding into an invisible force of unity consciousness. The Neo-cortex, the spirit mind, is activated, sending signals to all the self-repair mechanisms in the body. You have literally entered a restorative state.

True Power Is Stillness In Motion


How do you get there and stay there in a modern world of doing over being, an action-oriented “never enough time” life, that forces your soul to flee the daily barrage of empty Christmas consumerism?

Stillness is a choice.

When a family member or co-worker disrespects you, ask your stillness what really matters. Getting even or digging deep into your self-worth and resisting negative drama?

Are the holidays your unofficial “drinking season”? Has one glass of wine per night turned into the whole bottle? Self-medicating is a shortcut to stillness. Recognize your intention as essentially correct and change your method. Go direct. Consume an organized spiritual practice like the 12 steps, yoga, or Zen meditation. Stillness is generous. She doesn’t care how you find her just as long as you do.

Not enough time. Driven by urgency. Step back. Take a deep breath. Ask your stillness what action you can take right now towards it? Let go. Trust. Let God or Goddess be the center of the universe, not you. Participate while resisting the impulse to dominate and control.

How will you find stillness today?

In psyche and spirit,




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