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By May 14, 2019

As the rivers swell with spring run-off in the forest that surrounds my home and bursts of wildflowers light up the grasses of the Cascade Mountains, the spell of the sensuous fills the warming air. Mother Earth is birthing herself anew.

Like the Mother, you too are a creation space. No amount of self-doubt can stop the force of your inner nature, the impulse to grow. Self-doubt can try. You know, that nagging inner voice telling you “I can’t do that,” “I can’t have that,” or “I’ll never get what I want.” Your thoughts create feelings; those feelings create actions. The actions you take (or don’t take) reflect how aligned you are with trusting your place in the larger ongoing story of life, just like the earth.

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming

– Pablo Neruda

How do you replace self-doubt with confidence and let your inner spring blossom into a life of your dreams?

One word: your DESIRE.

A desire is tethered to your deep soul’s purpose. When lived as a moving prayer, it can deepen your spirituality, initiating you into your wholeness, creativity, and power as a woman.

Desires are the interface between you and that which is greater than you. A desire calls you towards greater degrees of pleasure, fulfillment, intimacy, or stability. They compel you to risk way past the familiar, whereas an impulse will keep you in your comfort zone, even if you want to move past it. Desires are the necessary force to engage a grand wrestling match with your destructive impulses, like self-doubt, that would have you living a life of confusion, disillusion, and despair.

A desire can be a stirring, a call, or a discomfort that causes you to imagine beyond the conditions or limitations of your life. You feel a longing that acts like a cord pulling you to a yet to be revealed destination. It is born from your appetite to live more fully and experience your life more profoundly. It invites you to be bigger in some way, whether it is to a partner in love, to set up and own a home, to step up in your career, to have a child. Whatever your desire is, it expands who you are.

Taking pleasure from your desire will keep you in the game of conjuring and co-creating with the universe. It is a call and response. You call with your pleasure-filled longing, and the universe responds. When you take delight in your desire, you open, surrender, and connect to its potential.

We have no positive relationship to longing. It is a lost spiritual practice. We only want what we want, when we want it.

Initiated men and women do not chase what they desire. They marry what they follow, and raise up what they love.

Martin Prechtel

How do you to take your pleasure from your longing?

You must recognize that life isn’t about having it all or doing it all; rather, it is about being filled to overflowing satisfaction by the sheer desire that you feel for whatever you’re attracted to.

A desire is your aliveness seeking to express itself, a call that can remake you; therefore, choose to surrender to the chaos that a desire can bring to your life. Just like the snow melting into water, germinating seeds bursting into flowers, the older version of you must give way to the new.

Focus on the sensation (the feeling of its fulfillment) of your desire, and resist getting stuck on the picture of what you think it should look like. Your desire may come to you in a dramatically different form in the end.

By taking pleasure from your longing, you open up the possibilities for greater aspects of your true desire, the one buried underneath what you’re currently aware of, to surface. Sometimes your desire gets met right away, and you have total control over it happening. Others, the larger appetites of your hungry soul take you on a journey to a destination you can’t even imagine in a time frame that is beyond the clock on the wall.

By staying relaxed and in the current of the desire’s “becoming,” you allow yourself to be remade by your longing, and do not “miss” the unexpected and unimagined outcomes that occur.

At the core of every desire is a feeling. A sensation that you want to feel more of the time, maybe even all of the time. It’s the emotional landscape you want to inhabit.

I want you to have a map to this uncharted territory, and wholeheartedly encourage you to step into the spring of your renewal with Danielle LaPorte, who is offering The Desire Map Course. Honestly, I wish every woman on the planet would take this course. It taps into your imagination where magic fuels your actions, giving you results the minute you show up.

Danielle digs deep, teaching you to identify your core desired feelings and how to architect a life made of these energies. Her brilliance in this realm is like spiritual silk. She is a soul whisperer, enchanting and emphatically human. A master teacher. She will show you how to align with your Core Desired Feelings every day in all of your choices, especially the big ones.

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