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Step into Wholeness

By May 28, 2018

The hunger for emotional and spiritual intelligence is on the rise as we create new culture and shape our future.

Western culture encourages you to take the attitude that you’re a victim of a mean-spirited random act from a hostile universe, but the spiritually intelligent woman recognizes that she is on a quest for wholeness – the integration of conscious and unconscious aspects of the psyche. She perceives every loss (real or imagined) as an opportunity to dig deep and come back with even more of herself. She believes she lacks nothing and is whole and holy as she is right now, today.

How to step into this wholeness?

-Shatter the glass ceilings within. Set aside some time to make a list of the things you’re currently afraid of – in your career, relationships, behaviors. What feels broken right now? Once you’ve made this list, reverse each of these statements into its positive opposite – i.e. “I’m not good enough to be a full-time writer” turns into, “I am a powerful writer, and the world needs my words.” Once you have this list of positive statements, destroy the old list and repeat these statements to yourself out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror daily until you feel your beliefs shift to embrace them as truth. Because they are.

-Unleash your creativity and imagination. What is the biggest challenge in your life right now? Write it down, then make a list of 20 actions you could take to address it. If you get stuck, think of what you “absolutely would not” do – this is often a solution! Expand your thinking about what you believe is possible and look for unconventional answers.

-Tap into your deepest sources of spiritual intelligence as a feminine being. The simplest way to practice this is to close your eyes every morning and focus on your breath a few moments (aka. meditation). Devoting some time to this will feel supportive, but if nothing else, close your eyes for 3 conscious breaths, taking pleasure in the sensation of breath moving in and out of your body. After you’ve done this,  place your hands on your heart and ask, “What do you need today?” Sit in stillness, not requiring an answer, but simply opening yourself to your heart’s guidance.

-Stand up and be noticed, adorned in your beauty and grace. Fashion may seem frivolous; it’s not. Every day, it is an invitation for you to express your inner life on the outside. Even if your current reality doesn’t match your dreams, you can adorn yourself in a way that brings your dream to life. This can be done in small ways. One friend of mine has a ring she bought that symbolizes her writing career. When she wears it, she feels she is the living embodiment of a writer. She is whether she wears the ring or not; the ring is simply a way for her to feel that her outer life is aligned with her inner life.

-Create an act of power in the world that will positively influence others and give you the income you desire. The saying is true, “If you feel helpless, help someone.” Placing your loving presence on another is the move out of the ego back into the soul. This isn’t an invitation to martyrdom – giving at your own expense. Rather, it’s stepping out of isolation (the source of much misery) back into feeling yourself as a vital part of the interconnected web of life.

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