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Sunshine to Soulshine

By August 21, 2018

We’re headed into the penetrating heat and stillness of summer’s last rays. A time when the regenerative energies of the sun, soil, ripening of seeds, plants, and flowers has reached full bloom. It’s harvest time. Have you been able to replenish and restore?

This month I’ve started each day before work with a visit to the rivers, mountain lakes, or volcanic peaks of Oregon’s wilderness. Along with my morning tea comes a deep dive into nature to fortify my energy and turn my soulshine on.

View from the running trail into the Three Sister’s Volcanoes.

Honestly, my inner child wants to pitch a tent, sleep under the stars, and tell Bigfoot stories (we do that here in the Pacific Northwest) around an open campfire for the foreseeable future. Where naps on warm boulders next to cool spring waters replaces the hyper-buzz of social media. Where the branches of old growth Douglas Fir and Ponderosa pine trees canopy the wilderness hiking trail protecting one from the overexposure to the national political crossfire and chaos.

A summer break, we all need it. Fewer of us are taking one either because we can’t or won’t. Staying busy has replaced recess, refueling. That makes it hard to go on in a world of our making with waning energy to make it a better place for ourselves and everyone in it.

Summer may be ending but restorative experiences are not. I am one of many contributors to a program focused on keeping the sun shining within you and I want to make sure you know about it.

Danielle La Porte has created LETTERS OF RENEWAL — a free 30-day program that starts on September 1st. When you register you will receive a daily dose of wisdom, poetry, and visual beauty to help you realign your inner drives with your outer doings, to help fuel your soul for forward movement. You can go here to learn more and register.

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