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By May 21, 2019

Confidence: a feeling you will act in a right, proper, or effective way. A feeling or consciousness of your powers. As a woman, how do you have more of this? You create it by telling yourself stories that cultivate this consciousness.

The power of story can shape your attitudes, beliefs, and relationships. Story acts like a shaman, manipulating the relationship between the seen and unseen, a sense of reality, through the use of words or intentions. A story that makes your life jump up and live again is a blessing; a story that destroys your life or life force is a curse.

Confidence in women is planted like an intrapsychic seed in the stories told to us by the larger world and the stories we then tell ourselves. The cultural narrative about women’s worth is being re-written with each day that passes. You are a part of this emerging new story, a regenesis of society. So too must you confront your personal mythology, the ideas you’ve had about who you are and your purpose. What story are you telling yourself? What kind of life are you living as a result?

Your personal mythology lived without awareness is like a straightjacket on the soul trapping you under the Bodhi Tree, except without any spiritual resolution. When you make decisions out of a story that may be old or no longer relevant, you are imprisoned by a value system that belongs to someone or something else, even if that someone is an older version of yourself. The ghosts, dogs, and demons of your suffering have become the authors of your life.

To create a new story, you must tap into your imagination. Dare to enter  the “unimagined life.” As Einstein reminds us, “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge,” and your dreams and desires are the poetry seeking to articulate itself as your life well lived.  

What story would you like to re-frame and re-tell? What new story would you like to write through your decisions today?


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