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Tending Soul Injury

By November 27, 2017

Do you find yourself turning inwards this time of year? I do.

Something in me begins to quiet and feel the fragile nature of life. It’s a time of reflection as autumn turns to winter and the earth sleeps.

My mind fills with images of events that have taken place over recent months — some good, others not so good.

All of us are exposed to the gut-wrenching daily news cycles bombarding our nervous systems with injustices, tragedies, and human suffering, like the soul injuring violence of mass shootings or the tsunami of women giving voice to their stories of sexual assault and the dismantling of rape culture.

Does your inner light feel like it’s dimming or even close to going out? How do you restore soul injury that can cause you to feel scared and alone like the walking wounded, more ash than incandescent?

The answer is counter-intuitive. It does not include hiding under the biggest rock you can find.

In your eyes, the flames of the twilight fought on. – Pablo Neruda

Instead, live life as a blessing.

Blessing means to offer divine protection, to make or pronounce holy. When you live your life as a blessing, the world is re-enchanted by your divinity taking shape as life itself. Soul comes into being through your awareness of it. This awareness is restorative. It puts soul back together inside of you and the world.


Mother cultures and the great wisdom traditions world-wide teach us a lot about this.


See yourself as human and more than human.

You are living in a co-creative relationship with the energies of the universe.

Consider this simple spiritual science: first there is creator, second the breath, and third creation. Creation is you choosing what kind of person you are going to be and how you’re going to use your life to move the world forward.

You must be willing to place yourself in the cycle of life by living like nature, to surrender, letting go to the death of your winter (older or outdated versions of yourself) as you are reborn into a new shape of possibility, your spring. Resist the impulse to fight, compete, and survive against the cycle of your becoming at the expense of life itself.

Creation is expressing itself through you, as you. With each choice, choose the better version of yourself. It is the action that moves the world forward.

Recognize and call upon the intelligence of the more than human world.

See the world as your oracle. Recognize the energy field that all matter is made of.

Release your fear and step into your faith. Pray for and open yourself to the guidance that is all around you. Call for, receive, and make meaning of the signs, indicators, and objects that have found their way to you. Actively step into the realm of imagination as a way of knowing yourself and the world more fully.

The extraordinary lives tucked quietly inside the simplicity of the ordinary. Relax, soften your energy, and receive the meta-messages trying get your attention.

Connect with others. You will find your tribe when you look with new eyes.

See with the eyes of a vulnerable observer, and locate inside each person that which is familiar to you: joy, pain, loneliness, and a desire to be fully seen and understood. Community comes into being when you find yourself in the humanity of every person.

Challenge the limiting beliefs that would lead you into further isolation and destroy your relatedness to others. Adopt the attitudes of acceptance, approval, and acknowledgment that will reveal the village that wishes to embrace you.

Go on walkabout – leave the terrain of your deep familiar and discover the home that is waiting for you.

Make your life a spirit house.

Spiritual intelligence isn’t born from silent contemplation; rather, it lives in your active engagement of your vulnerability, transparency, and risk-taking in the face of adversity and uncertainty.

When things go wrong, recognize it as an opportunity to dig deep, hold onto yourself, and that the circumstances before you are trials to serve your initiation into a spiritually maturing human being.

Live as the Heroine of your journey.

Create a new story, conjure a new world.

Your words form a story that can shape your attitude, beliefs, actions, and ultimately your relationship with yourself and others.

A story that makes life jump up and live again is a blessing; a story that destroys life is a curse.

Tell yourself a story of renewal. Your inner narrative must align with an outer understanding that is greater than the habits you live by, the negative limiting beliefs you have been taught, or the amnesia-inducing rhetoric of a modern society that has lost its story of spiritual origination.

For every choice you make, there is a choice you don’t make. A life left unlived. Let the unknown, undiscovered, unimagined you reveal herself when you feel the fear and do that “new thing” anyway.

In psyche and spirit,

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