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Transforming Fear into Faith

By March 19, 2019

When your heart is broken do you hide within the protective cape of fear? Maybe your lover left you, your business failed, death took someone you cherished? You know, that thing that has broken your heart seemingly beyond repair. Are you dimming your creative light by dismissing the world as hostile, unfair, and something you must defend and protect against? Are you building walls against people, ideas, or even yourself?

Try this instead. Take risks in the direction of uncertainty and assemble a sense of faith, a belief in something without any evidence of it, as a pathway to even greater connection to yourself and others. Take a step in the direction of the unimaginable. Look for ways to love again, brush yourself off, and launch your next big idea. Dare to give birth to something you may outlive. Using your creation as a portal for that which is greater than you. As Dani Shapiro says, “The central task of the creative life is to embrace uncertainty, to be sharpened and honed by it.” Go there.

Faith isn’t a destination. It is emergent. We experience it in the making of it.

The artist in you, the maker of stuff, will long to turn her grief to an act of gratitude that transmits beauty to feed the aliveness in the world. Philosopher and artist Ann Hamilton tells us that every act of creation matters. How you create matters. Make a cup, a conversation, a building, an institution, make memories, make peace, make a poem, a song, a drawing, a play. Make a metaphor that changes, enlarges, or inverts the way we understand or see something. Make something to change your own mind – acts that amplify soul.

The choice is yours. You can choose to identify with your pain (the unresolved story or curse that is yours to bear, separating you from life itself) or to see the reclamation with your imagination (your healing potential, blessing, and wholeness) that propels you to create. Your story of loss becomes the material you use to create something never before seen. Choose to utilize every act of “making” as an opportunity put your life back together, sourced in love. When you do, you enable an encounter with the holy other by staying open, curious, and seeing through the literal to the ephemeral.

May every action you take keep the possibility of diversity alive, deepen your spirit, broaden your engagement with the issues that matter most to you, and help you listen deeply to those who share opposing views to your own, replacing your fear with faith.

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