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What Sacred Service Looks Like

By September 7, 2015

There is great deal of talk lately about the astrological significance of Mars and Venus overhead in the summer stars, the balancing of the masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) energies, and leadership. What does it look like when a woman integrates these energies into a form of leadership that restores her and the world? It looks like sacred service.

You serve that which has caused you pain or loss, like the marriage you nearly ended, the parent who neglected you, or active compassion for a backstabbing coworker.

You transform codependency into co-creation of greater spiritual depth, intelligence, and presence.

You ask first “how can I serve the dream” instead of “how can I serve myself.”

You see yourself as a co-creator with the invisible force behind your visible life, and are willing to be led by this ineffable presence.

Purpose and grace become one, occurring when you stand alone or with others on behalf of the world.

You feel a desire to express your unique creativity in the world, to create something never before seen that will feed the holy in life (whatever you consider the holy to be).

Empty celebrity-seeking ambition is replaced by a true sense for your spiritual magnificence as you see, witness, and recognize your power in the subtle beauty of an ordinary life lived in an extraordinary way.

You are the spiritual bride, choosing to marry what you follow, and raising up through 3-dimensional time and space the grace-filled light of what you love.

You lead with your light no matter what your station in life is: a stay-at-home mother, an entrepreneur, government worker, or dog walker. Leadership practiced from this perspective doesn’t mean you have all the power and you are charge of a bunch of people and resources, controlling everyone and everything. On the contrary, you are paradoxically the servant leader (a termed coined by the late Robert Greenleaf).

You are not a leader that everyone serves; rather, you serve the dream, the ongoing restorative tale of life, in which life is given back to itself. You work among and alongside others, and empower everyone to serve this same dream. In this way, it is through your humility and devotion to the animate world that you are servant first and as a result, leader of life.

You challenge the status quo, whether that is an unhealthy homeostasis in your marriage, unhealthy agreements at work, or crime in your neighborhood. You serve your heartbreak open to the light. You unblock places where life force can’t get through.

“Grace happens when we act with others on behalf of our world”
– Joanna Macy

Widening your sense of self to the more-than-human world, life itself becomes your oracle, and you play in and through the quantum field, recognizing that you are participating in an emergent world, one of your making and re-making. You hold hands with the Shaman, and sees that your life is a moving meditation in which you choose to serve the sacred within you and in the world.

Sacred service is not servitude defined as “a condition in which one lacks liberty especially to determine one’s course of action or way of life.” Women have a historical shadow in which they were relegated to unpaid labor as volunteers serving humanity in a culture of oppression without equal rights. Social service became one more expression of a woman’s oppression. Rather, sacred service tethers you into your true nature, as a participant in the larger story of life. It liberates you into who you are spiritually. Service becomes a place where you can worship.

In mother cultures, each human belonged to something other than their biological mother or father. They were responsible to and for an element of the earth or spiritual life, like the Water Clan or the keepers of a certain a specific ceremony considered itself to have a soul. They would reassemble the world through their actions to feed the rivers, lakes, and streams of the mother (earth) so that she could continue to live and thrive as we humans used up her resources. The cycle of physical and spiritual life was circular. You put in, and it gave back. There is no word for “sacred service” within mother cultures; your entire life was sacred service. It had no name – it was simply a life well lived.

 “The new physics provides a modern version of ancient spirituality. In a universe made out of energy, everything is entangled; everything is one.”
– Bruce Lipton

At our worst, we are a society of “consumers,” eating our world up like a pack of hungry ghosts. We take and take and eat and consume and use and throw away, and no one is ritually running to give strength to the sun and the moon like our ancestors did. Giving back to the invisible force not because you are not worthy or the spirits are less fortunate, but because you are part of an energetic field that requires your participation to maintain it.

When the masculine and feminine energies integrate inside of you, you become whole. You relate to the world beyond the limitations of your cultural identity as a gendered being, into your essence, your spiritual humanity. From this place, you are attracted to and seek out opportunities to serve, understanding that you will be restored by the action, as you restore that which you serve.

“This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give, the more they possess.”
– Rainer Rilke

What sacred service will you perform today?

Yours in psyche and spirit,


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