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What You Look For is What You See

By March 26, 2019

As women, we have big dreams. Desires so enormous and unthinkable, we scare ourselves with their power. We dismiss them or try to minimize them to make them more manageable.

Yet part of the way you move past your fears to faith is by believing if a desire or dream has come to you, that it is completely, perfectly, radically yours. Just how a novelist’s ideas come from their heart and brain and how a mother’s children come from her body, a desire living inside you comes from within. It is knit together in your bones.

So how do you help the rational brain that labels your desires “too big” or “too much” align with your inner wisdom, your deep knowing that whatever is calling you forward is exactly the right size for you?

Look at the ways life has provided for you so far, big and small. Have you eaten today? Do you have somewhere to live? List all the helpful people around you, and all the victories and blessings you’ve experienced this week. A seat on the bus. A call from a friend. Lunch with a coworker. Clean sheets at night.

What we look for is what we see. If you see a world that denies you what you need, that is the world you will experience, but if you see a world that gives you everything you need and more, that is the world you will co-create with and expand with your vision of life.

Which world would you like to live in today? Your choice.

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