The Feminosity® Homestudy


Coming 2020

A self-paced homestudy program based on Anne’s signature work, The Heroine’s Journey: An Emerging Mythology on how to Live, Love and Lead for women in the 21st century. The hero’s journey is an ancient organizing framework offering a path through life’s greatest challenges and into our deepest offering as human beings. This course re-imagines this journey through the lens of the feminine and offers a radical new view of personal fulfillment, romantic love, and visionary leadership no matter what your station in life. In this program, you will learn a repeatable five-stage process that turns your desires into your destiny. This program is for women only and includes: four 75-minute training modules and weekly assigned rituals and homework organized in a beautiful workbook.

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*Feminosity® is a trademark of Anne Davin PhD.

Origins: A 10 Day Journey to the Lost Sacred Within You


Coming 2020

This homestudy course is organized in a beautiful e-book that includes 10 daily lessons exploring different facets of what it means to encounter the more-than-human world. Drawing from the sensibilities of the deep feminine and the wisdom traditions of earth-based mother cultures, you will journey in discovery of your true shape and create a tangible relationship to the animate universe that will guide and inform your life.

Each day, you will experience a written teaching in the form of a short essay on the day’s theme, a downloadable MP3 audio (alternating a teaching story, music, or meditation), and a series of powerful actions steps to find your sacred in the world. Each day will build on the last, so that by the end of the 10 days, you’ll have located your spiritual source of origination that you can build on going forward.

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The Imagination Academy


Coming 2020

Drawing from thousands of years of agrarian knowledge, students develop a new perspective that nourishes both the natural and human worlds.You will experience traditional storytelling, music, personal ritual, visionary council, dream tending, deep ecology, and work directly with sacred archetypes.

These workshops take place in New Mexico and are organized into  three-day intensives that are limited to 25 participants.

Past workshops have included:

Mythos: Encounter the Sacred Through Creativity and Imagination
Learn the simple science of creator, breath, and creation. Engage yourself and the world through the lens of a quantum mythos that reimagines and restores your place as a co-creator in an energy universe.  Attend the New Year’s Day ceremonial Turtle Dance when the mother, the earth herself, rests and dreams a new world into being.

Movement, Myth, and the Mysteries of Water
Explore how you, as an ancestor of the future, must be willing to actively create a restorative narrative of what it means to be human by tapping into the movement, myth, and mystery of your own water-like nature to nourish life into being. Under the beautiful outdoor grass arbor circle of the Taos Pueblo pow wow grounds witness the pageantry and timeless beauty of Native American dancers and drum groups participate in a cultural exchange.

Harvest: Gathering the Seeds of Possibility
Cross the spiritual borderlands by entering the “teachings of the seeds.” Listen to the shards of the past informing your now, and traditionally harvest corn and beans as the sacred farmer—social activist. Attend the autumn San Geronimo Feast Day, a Tiwa ceremony honoring the harvest and the ritual feeding of the holy.

The Sacred Mother, Dreaming a New World
Enter the space in between what was and what is emerging, Naa-Mum-Baa, “the dark place, a nothingness,” and encounter the sacred mother, the force of creation, and nourish her within you. Journey to your point of origination as a woman, where you live pregnant with stars waiting to birth new worlds for all of us to inhabit. Attend the Taos Pueblo Christmas Eve Vespers and Procession of the Virgin Mary, followed by the Christmas day Deer Dance.

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