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Kasha Speno


It’s true I’ve navigated career changes with Anne — from seedling of an idea to internship to new career — greatly increasing my earnings and my confidence along the way. However, the reason I’ve returned to her work over the past ten plus years is both more significant and more subtle. I find a conversation with Anne illuminates the very heart of whatever matter with which I am grappling. Her keen intellect, integrity, and astute emotional intelligence consistently reveal new insights, provide tangible strategies I am able to employ in my day-to-day life, connect me with a larger community full of invaluable resources, and ultimately broaden my perspective. It is this shift in my perception and strengthened capacity to participate ever more beautifully in the sweetness and the bittersweetness of life for which I am most grateful.

Joanna Garritano, M.D.


I highly recommend working with Anne Davin to anyone who is ready to break free from limits and embrace an authentic life of joy, impact, and meaning. In working with Anne, I gained solid and practical guidance in the realms of relationships, as well as being able to more fully embrace my professional vision. She also helped me to recognize disempowering and highly habitual patterns in my life. But working with Anne was even more than all of that. Anne held up a mirror to my deepest self, the part of me that was aching to have a voice. She helped me to be more of who I truly am, and to profoundly connect to others and life as a whole. Anne has an incredible capacity to listen deeply and to see far beyond the surface. Working with Anne helped catalyze a profound awakening to what is most meaningful in my life. It felt as if I could finally come home to myself. I have found a place of profound peace within myself. I now “get,” in my bones, that I am capable of living my life in alignment with my deepest truth. Words alone cannot begin the express my gratitude.