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Mary Campbell


Anne’s brilliance radiates through the phone in every session from the moment we connect. I’ve worked with lots of coaches and therapists over the years, and Anne has always made the biggest, most dramatic impact on my life. Her unique perspective on everything always leaves me feeling uplifted, hopeful, and clearer. Anne’s dream analysis and interpretation is particularly valuable, and teaches me so much. It’s like Anne takes the nuggets of goodness within me, brings them to the surface, then adds sparkles and more light. Anne has helped me separate from my old negative stories and has given me hope over and over again in many areas of my life. She has a keen ability to take what’s on my mind when it feels like a garbled mess and pluck out the gems, shine them, and string them together in a way that makes beautiful sense and creates space to move forward. It is because of her that I have a relationship with my mother. She has helped me make my life better in so many ways. Most importantly, Anne has helped me see and shine my own light with her great sense of humor, her beautiful empathy, and her unending kindness.